Friday, December 21, 2012

What's In An Address??

We all have these little moments in our lives that may seem insignificant to others (and even to us), but end up being meaningful in one way or another. Sometimes we don't realize the effect of these types of moments for a long time, and sometimes we get to see them almost instantly. I had one of the instant kind tonight, actually just a few minutes ago when I read a text from a friend.

I was just about turn the light out and go to bed when I saw my phone sitting on the nightstand with a new text alert on it. The text was from my friend Jenn, and said:

"I need your address again for a Christmas card :)"

My poor friends have to ask me for our address almost every year because we're always in living in a new place.

Anyway, I responded with our address and for the first time in a LONG time, I felt like I was really giving someone "our" address. Not an address where we were living for now, or until this or that.

An address that we can feel comfortable letting our kids memorize.

An address of hopefulness. 

An address of belonging. 

An address that just feels right to say, to write, and to think of. 

Dare I be cheesy and say,  an address that feels like home. 

I am hoping with all my heart that I am right and that this really is OUR address.But, I've been wrong before and I know life is unpredictable. I know we aren't "in the gate" just yet. However, all I can say is that, as I texted her back with it, I felt a strange sense of peacefulness and that everything with our family is okay again. A sense that we are on the right track. A sense that things are right. 

 (and no, it wasn't because of the meds I take to help me sleep.)

It does seem strange to get such a strong feeling about such a silly thing, but I think I realized as I was texting her back, that repeating an address back to someone when it's someplace you want to, and plan on, staying at really is much different than repeating it to someone when you know you aren't planning on being there long. It really is.

(See, I told you it seems insignificant! Who writes a blog post about how they were so excited to give a friend an address for a Christmas card?? Me.)