Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Talk Paint

So often, I hear people tell me how they are scared to paint and to be honest, it's a concept that I have never really been able to grasp, because I really have never shared the same nervousness. Maybe it's because I watched my grandfather, who was a brilliant painter, often paint over some of his work when he didn't like the way it turned out. I've just always figured that if I don't like how something turns out, I'll just paint over it (...and I've done it MANY times). It's totally flexible that way.

I'm  probably one of the few people who actually enjoys painting and I also find it pretty relaxing, (unlike Studly, who hates to paint and groans every time I say something to the effect of, "I went and got some paint at Lowe's today.")  He doesn't really get my drive and determination to paint every room in the house. I don't really either, to be honest. I just hate to have plain walls with no personality, especially beige walls. At least when you have white walls, you don't ever have to worry about working furniture into the space, but beige? It's kind of hard (for me anyway) to be able to completely let my style take over, considering cottage style is usually all about whites and pastels. I would actually love to repaint all of my walls in the main area white and I would, too. Except that our ceilings are very high and vaulted (those, just like open floor plans, can definitely be a pain in the rear!) I guess, just like with the floors, I will try my best to wait patiently until we officially have a mortgage (and a few bucks in the bank).

Now, I will confess that I'm not the best painter. I certainly couldn't make a career out of it. Sure, I've gotten better over the years and sometimes, I don't even tape (but there is usually at least a small amount of evidence i.e. little spots of paint on the ceiling). This means that I usually have to take a small brush and go back over these areas, though.

I have a tendency to turn into Klutsy-McKlutsy when I paint for some reason (Remember how I nearly killed myself losing my balance on the bar stool?). Because of my extraordinary talent of losing my balance, even in the case of standing still with two feed on the ground, I can never seem to keep paint off the floor. Of course, I should probably not be so lazy and actually use my drop cloth, since I hear they are made for that. Luckily, I hate all of the carpet in this house and cannot wait to rip it out, so I'm not too upset about it. Anyway, I have to admit, I've fallen off a ladder more than once and spilled a couple of trays of paint during the process.

Just a couple of examples:
My Bedroom floor
I painted some projects in there, but I did actually use the drop cloth, so I have no idea how this happened.
Living Room Accent Wall
Probably should have taped...

Dance Room
Oops...I seem to have tilted the paint tray a little too much in this one. Luckily it was before we put the wood floors in.

Read on to see what I mean by being obsessed with paint...

Our first house

Diva's Nursery
(just some simpleclouds on the ceiling)

The second house:

The Play Room.

Diva's Room:
You can't see it, but it's two shades of purple. I used one of the faux paint kits with two sides on the roller and just criss-crossed while I painted. This is also the first time I painted it, the second time I painted it pink, but I can't find any pictures.

...and then we have the third house. That's when the paint bug really started kicking in.

Living Room Accent Wall:

Diva's Room:

Destructo's Room:

The first playroom:
Wowzers! Just a little crazy...
The black on the left hand side of the room was actually done with chalkboard paint. and I'm not quite sure if I will do any more chalkboard paint. There are so many chalkboard walls and doors I've seen in kitchens that I think are awesome, but I hate how chalkboards look when they get those erase marks.
The second playroom:

We weren't allowed to paint the next two places we lived in because they were rentals. It sucked! I was so happy when the owner of this house said that we could basically do whatever we wanted, which meant PAINTING!! Woo-Hoo!
That made Jen a happy girl!

See what I mean about being obsessed with painting? I actually plan on painting every room in this house, which includes the main area one day 
(even though it will most likely be white, which I am not sure counts).