Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Idea for A Dance Teacher

(or any other adult who works with children on a regular basis for that matter...)

If you know me, or read my blogs, you probably know that Diva is a dancer. She's been competitively dancing since she was 8 and dances at an incredible dance studio with girls that are very down to earth and all very sweet to each other (well, as sweet as girls can get). We are very happy there.

Anyway, one of the best things about the studio is her teachers. They are amazing and I love all of them. I consider them friends, so of course they were on my Christmas list this year and in my quest to try to be more creative, I wanted to come up with ideas that were unique which is never easy and I was pretty stuck on what to do.

However, the perfect gift idea for one of her teachers finally hit me last night, as I was in the shower (where I always get my greatest ideas, as Diva would attest to). What is even more awesome-sauce is that it was free! I already had everything I needed, so I got to work.

10 minutes later, I had something made out of this:

Read on for the details.

Duct tape, or Duck tape (in this case) is such a wonderful thing, isn't it?

I love it and can't help but buy the designer kind whenever I see a cool color, but unfortunately, I rarely use it, so I had a few rolls of it around the house. This one was my favorite.

Now, you may be asking why I would give a dance teacher duct tape.

Well, you'd have to come visit our studio (or any dance studio for that matter) to understand. It's like one big ladies luncheon. The conversation between the girls never ends and the poor teachers are constantly reigning in these social butterflies. If they aren't hugging each other like they haven't seen each other in a year (when actually they saw each other last night), they start talking the minute that there is a pause in the music, or a break in instruction. While the teachers still produce beautiful dancers and amazing choreography, it can be a bit taxing on the voice to have to constantly yell above the music (or conversation) to get the attention of the girls. I'm sure they go home many nights with headaches. Heck, I can get a headache just watching them!

so, I thought duct tape would be perfect to give Diva's teacher and I came up with a little card that read:

Then, I used a little glue stick I found in Destructo's room to adhere it to some cardstock, folded it and then stapled it to a plastic baggie.

Here's the final result:

Modeled by my own little Vanna White

Now, be aware that I am a major procrastinator and I always seem to be "surprised" that the last day of school or dance for the year is the next day and I haven't even gotten the teacher gifts.

It happens every year. 

I am stating this because my version is sort of rag-tag and not at all fanciful like I know it could have been, but I only had about a half hour, people! So, consider this a "template" if you decide to use the idea. I'm sure you can come up with all sorts of cute decorations for it to make it 10 times better and maybe, you'll even use an actual cellophane bag with a legit label, not a plastic sandwich baggie with hastily printed card, glue sticked onto card stock.

{I did stick a cute bow on it before I delivered it, though}

I hope she liked it, I sure did.

(but then again, I have a weird sense of humor...)