Monday, December 24, 2012

Cheap and Easy Neighbor Gifts for the Procrastinator

Okay, I admit it. I'm horrible at remembering neighbor gifts,especially since I haven't given them in over 3 years!

This means that once again I waited until the last minute to find something that was cheap, easy, and not so time consuming considering it was Christmas Eve by the time I put them together.

So, I bought some boxes of brownie mix (any cookie or cake mix works, too) and slapped a bow on top with a poem attached.

{I like the idea of giving out gifts such as mixes beause 1. I don't like baking things for other people in my house. I'm really clean when I bake, but I do have a German Shepherd and I don't ever want to be "that neighbor who gave you cookies with a dog hair in them"...EW!.}

There are all sorts of cute poems on Pinterest or other blogs that you can find out there, but at about 3am I woke up and had this one in my head (I must have been having a Dr. Suess type dream...)

It reads:

"The holidays as usual were busy and crazy.
Not a second to spare to sit and be lazy.

In the hustle and bustle, your gift needed making.
Up in the pantry it sat ready for baking.


The calendar read the 24th and I had meant to make it back on the 4th!

...and with Christmas tomorrow, my stress is sky high,
so, I'm leaving it at your front door while running right by.

But we hope you will still enjoy making your own treat.
We're sure it will still taste mighty darn sweet!

And we beg for forgiveness for not managing our time.
As well as for making up this silly little rhyme!

With love from the Farkles (who have ADD).
Hopefully next year, a tad earlier we will be!

Merry Christmas!!

Jen, Studly, Diva and Destructo Farkle"

A tad cheesy, but you can always adapt it to fit your family!