Saturday, December 22, 2012

Easy No-Sew Curtains

When I decided to add a cornice to the closet nook in the "dance studio" room, I knew I needed some curtains in order for it to work.

I wanted something kind of fairy-tale-like and billowy....but, most importantly, something doable for me (I can't sew...yet). I had thought about trying to buy curtains, but didn't have any luck finding anything cheap enough that fit the look I was going for, and besides I wanted something "different". I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to make curtains without sewing, but when I was putting away one of Diva's tutu's that we had made for a recital a couple of years ago, I got an idea.


You see, the tulle for the tutu's was just tied in knots around a piece of elastic to make the tutu and I realized I could do the same with tulle and a curtain rod, so I was off to Hobby Lobby again.

I ended up buying about 20 yards of white tulle (remember, I wanted it "billowy"...Wait, is that even a word?), 4 of the spools of the "skinnier" tulle in black and aqua, and some matching ribbon in different widths. I was going to add some bling by spraying the tulle with spray glitter, but I have learned from past experience that when you do that, the tulle will "shed" glitter constantly (not a good idea when you are using a floor as a dance floor). I also found some gems that are supposed to look like rhinestones and figured those would work.

The curtains were super easy to make:

First, I cut the tulle and ribbons to the right length (actually I cut them a little too long in case I decide I want to use pull backs), and then started tying them to the rod, one at a time in a pattern.

After I was done with that, I started gluing the gems on with E600. I've used it in the past when we "blinged out" some dance T-shirts and it sticks like there's no tomorrow! I have washed and dried that shirt a thousand times and not one rhinestone has ever fallen off. It is messier and stickier than hell, though and constantly got all over my fingers, which caused me to need to wash them several times during the process.  So be aware of that. (by the way, if you are willing to spend the $ for more expensive and authentic looking rhinestones, get the actual Swarovski kind. They are the best and way better than the cheapo ones I got.)

I got sick of adding the rhinestones about 5 minutes after I started, but I am glad I stuck it out...

Once I was finally finished putting the curtains together, it was time to hang them on the inside of the cornice.

I loved them, but it looked a little bare with nothing to tie them together, so I decided to add a "swag" to cover the middle and bring everything together a little more.

The "swag" consisted of tying my left over tulle and ribbons together at each end. Then, I went all trailer park with my duct tape and actually duct taped the swag to the wall behind the cornice.

Yes. You read that right. I duct taped it. 

But, I think it looks good, anyway...and again, it was super easy!

I did the same type of curtains for the window, only I didn't use the gems because it was about 20 minutes before we revealed the room for her.

They still turned out pretty cute, though:

Project Breakdown:
Tulle (20 yards off the bolt @ $1.29 yd) = $21
Mini tulle off the spool: (3) $2.00 ea = $6
Ribbon: large ribbon $2.00 (2 rolls) & skinnier ribbon $1.00 (4 rolls) $4.00
Rhinestones $15.99 (but I barely used any)
E600 = $5
Curtain rod: about $5 @ Lowe's
(The ribbon and tulle off the spool were 50% off at Hobby Lobby)
Total: $33 (without the rhinestones)

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