Friday, September 6, 2013

Destructo's "Garage" Bedroom Pt 2: The Garage Door

Before I reveal the entire room, I thought I would give the garage door in Destructo's room its own little post in order to explain the process of how we built it a little better, so here we go:

When I finally figured out that I wanted to make Destructo's garage room look like an actual garage, I knew that in order to make it look like a garage, we would need the one essential thing that all garages have...a garage door.

So, off I went down the aisles of Lowe's again in search of the material I was going to use. As I passed through the back aisle, I took a long look at the service garage and realized that I had just passed the perfect "garage door" material. It was the corrugated metal sheets that were in the roofing section:

Of course, I thought I was pretty much a genius for coming up with this totally unique idea all on my own, until I found a few google images and realized I wasn't the only one.

{Why does this always seem to happen to our best ideas?}

Anyway, aside from the corrugated metal, we also purchased the metal tracks alongside it, in order to keep the sharp edges from sticking out on the sides and then wood "spacers" so it didn't sit directly on the wall, leaving huge gaps and not fitting in the tracks correctly.

We needed 3 sheets in order to make the door work on the wall and each sheet needed to be cut down in order to fit on the wall. For this, we used tin snips...and there was only a little blood shed (corrugated metal can slice like a razor blade.)

Assembling the door was pretty easy. First, we drilled the wood spacers onto the wall:

Then it was time to fit the metal sheets over the spacers and drill them into the spacers:

After we finished with that, we attached the tracks onto the walls, which I had spray painted the same color as Destructo's dresser, and crammed fit the edges of the metal into the tracks.

You can get a better idea of how we assembled it at the bottom of the picture:

It was coming together quite nicely. 

But, there was one last thing we needed to do to finish it off, and that was to create the "roller" at the top of the door. We ended up using a 5 inch heating duct, which was already the length that we needed, and 6 inch caps for the ends. I wanted to spray paint that red, too but apparently, that would be too unrealistic (said the guy that has worked in a warehouse for almost 20 years...) 

 ...and here's the car, parked safely in its garage!