Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY Makeup Palette Organizer

One thing that I've learned as I've collected eye shadows over the years is that using individual eyeshadow pots sucks. It seems like you are always wasting time looking for the colors you need and If you're like me and seem to have an issue with putting things away after you use them because you are constantly running late, they also end up taking over your vanity. About a year ago, I had finally had enough and transferred most of my individual shadows into empty palettes (The kind I have are called Zpalettes) so I could organize them with my other palettes. However, this also seemed to create a problem with organization. Originally, I just piled them into a basket on my vanity. However, because they are all different sizes, I couldn't keep it organized either without forgetting about some of my smaller ones. 

I looked into getting some acrylic organizers, but they can be pretty expensive, so I decided to use stationary organizers to organize them. This also ended up being too expensive though, because I was going to have to buy a few of them in order to get all of my palettes organized. 

Instead, I decided to troll around the kitchen and bath organization aisles around Target and found this:

It was just a simple lid rack for the kitchen. It had plenty of spaces for my palettes and it was pretty cheap, too. I took it home, spray painted it with some left over Krylon "Pistachio" (I think that was the color.) and put it to work:


Not only does it hold a lot of my larger palettes, but it also keeps my favorite ones within reach and my smaller palettes have a little more space in their basket, too.

The only drawback is that I don't get to experience "Christmas Morning" every time I find a long lost shadow or palette anymore, which is kind of a bummer...

 FYI: For anyone who wants to know what palettes these are (from front to back):  Urban Decay "Smoked", Lorac "Pro Palette", Urban Decay "Naked", Urban Decay "Naked 2", The Balm "Nude'tude", Cargo "Vintage Escape", Urban Decay "Vice 2", and the black and white zebra one is my Zpalette with my MAC shadows.