Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well, that's just "Fridge-Tastic"!

Okay, I get it. When you are renting, you have to deal with a few things like slightly overused appliances, but a couple of days ago, after we FINALLY went grocery shopping (we were literally eating breadcrumbs, it had been so long), we realized our fridge had some issues. Some we had noticed before, others we had not, and some of those we noticed before became a little more obvious and required the attention of duct tape due to the weight of the massive amount of food we had bought.

I'll give you the grand tour. 

With pride in my heart, I present to you...

(applause, please.)

Not bad looking, eh?

Well, except for a couple of buttons missing on the water fountain thingy:

Hot? or Cold?
Who really cares? Neither of them work. Luckily it's stuck on cold.

I think that's the most food we've had in our fridge, like ever. Still, there's a little something different about the inside of the fridge...

"One of these things just doesn't belong...."

(Oh, how I miss you, Sesame Street!)

Did you notice it?

How about now?

Yes, that shelf frame actually cracked in half, as I was putting juice on it. 
I was lucky enough to get away without injury.
I was not lucky enough to get away without spewing profanity.

It's actually what motivated us to start the fridge "makeover", as in that minute.


Moving on to the refrigerator doors:

We'll start with the freezer door first.
Nothing to see here.

And on to the refrigerator door:

 where we shall see more duct tape...
Before the "repair", we just didn't put anything in that bin. 

But that was just one of them. 
We actually had two of them with the same problem. 
The other was cracked on both sides. 

But, we fixed that one, too.

I'm assuming so, anyway. 
We haven't heard a huge crash at 2 in the morning, yet.
Maybe, the Whirlpool man will accidentally drop one off at our door...

Not likely.

But, I do want to thank you for attending the tour of my "Fridge-Tastic" Fridge.

(Beat that, Miss Mustard Seed!!)