Thursday, January 17, 2013

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time....

You know how you sometimes decide to start a task before thinking through things first? and then you start the process and realize that you just did a BIG "OOPSIE!!", but there is no going back now?

and then after you are finished, you just know you are in BIG TROUBLE!?

Well, I sorta did just that.

...and I'm a tad horrified at the moment.

(side note: Liquid Nails is a fantastic product that does EXACTLY what it says.)

Okay, here's what happened:

You know my living room wall that I was planning on putting my faux-fireplace on and how we had put that faux white brick behind it?

Well, due to the fact that we are now making that room into an office and moving the faux-fireplace into the main living room, the white brick needed to go.

Now, I could have been patient and waited. I could have not grabbed the crow bar. I could have listened to my inner-voice saying, 

"Jen, maybe you should re-think this before you pull sheet rock off the wall..."

but, I didn't.

Instead, I grabbed the crow bar and pulled on a teeny-tiny corner of the paneling to see if I could even pull any of it off the wall.

But a much bigger part came detached from the wall.

and then I did that thing that I always do, but know better.

I figured it was too late for logic and went a little crow-bar crazy.

The good news is the brick paneling is gone.

The bad news is that my wall looks like this:
(Now, I know why people end up just painting paneling instead of removing it during renovations.)

About an hour later....

Studly walks through the front door, right past the living room, and says "hi" when he sees me sitting at the kitchen table, innocently.

Me: Did you notice anything?

Studly: Oh, yeah, you moved the hutch.

Me: Anything else?

Studly walks back to living room wondering what he missed and I hear:

"Oh, Shit!"

...My idea of doing Board and Batten in that room is starting to look a lot better, now....