Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nailed it, again!

I am just not good with hair. I don't know why, but for some reason it escapes me. I feel like I have mittens on whenever I try to "style" it, so that's pretty much why it's been the same for the last few years.

....But, I have been trying to change that, so I watched a tutorial on YouTube on "Hot Rollers" and decided to try it today since we are going out tonight.

(yes, I always end up experimenting when it's absolutely NOT the right time...)

Here's the result so far:

...and from the front 

My thought? "something seriously went wrong here...."

I've decided it's the rollers fault. They must be faulty
Because, I just hope  know that I can't be this stupid...

I have approximately 1 hour to fix this.
Starting NOW...

Oh, and if you are wondering why my face looks so pasty, it's because I just put on my foundation so far and I haven't done any contouring or highlighting and I cannot find my Erase Paste anywhere!!

(I really need to finish the vanity before I lose my entire makeup collection because it's so disorganized.)