Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Phone Conversation with My Niece

My six year old niece and I were talking on the phone today.

Me: Did you go to "Tiny Grandma's" today?

("Tiny Grandma" is the nick name we use for my grandma that Diva gave her when she was in preschool because she is about 4 ft 8 inches tall.)

Niece: Yes

Me: What did you talk about?

Niece: Her funeral. She already has it all planned out and told me all about it. 

Yes, my 80-something year old grandmother thinks it's completely normal to talk to your 6 year old great granddaughter about how you would like the family to rent you a casket instead of buying one in order to save money on your funeral, as well as other various requests that you have for when you kick the bucket. 

(What's even more interesting about this conversation, is that nobody in my family who reads this will be shocked or bothered by it. They'll just nod their heads in acknowledgement.)