Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I'm So Glad I Didn't Throw the Ottoman Through the Wall!

A couple of days ago, I submitted the Restoration Hardware Knock-off Ottoman to one of my favorite blogs, Knock of Decor.

I figured they probably get about 4,362 emails a day, or so from bloggers wanting to submit items, so I thought it would either be a long time to hear back, or that I might not hear back at all. I mean, I love my ottoman (We've come to appreciate each other after all the trauma we went through.), but would Knock Off Decor?

Well, apparently, they did like it! Yesterday, I got an email from Beckie over there letting me know that the ottoman would be featured today and I about did nekkid somersaults across the house! I don't know if I can really explain how excited I am to see it posted over there this morning. I mean, this is a blog that I cruise every day full of awesome creativity from bloggers all over, thinking..."Now, why didn't I think of that?"

So, I'm feeling pretty great in my jammies, with no bra (too much?), and morning hair, right now and I really want to thank Beckie for featuring the ottoman that nearly killed me, as well as my friend Kenz who suggested I submit it after she let me guest post it on her blog. It turns out hard work did pay off in this situation and I think I shall reward myself with a cupcake from Kneaders (a local bakery) in honor of the feature as soon as I drop that slow-poke Diva off at school (Destructo is in Disneyland with Grandpa...I know, right? No fair!).

Then, it's time to work on my next project, Destructo's new bedroom. It's gonna be so sick, or the bomb. or whatever the kids say, these days. I cannot wait to show you how it turns out!

Oh, and if your visiting from over at Knock Off Decor, THANK YOU for dropping by and I hope you'll take a look around and join me here, on Facebook, or those other social networking sites! I love meeting new friends and taking a look at your blogs, too!

Okay, I'm off to put that bra on and brush my hair so I can go check Diva into school, get my cupcake (or two) and then I'll be back later today, or tomorrow to post about that giveaway I promised you!